Wednesday, 4 May 2011

blog award

Thank you to Chris of Messycraftroom fame for giving me this award - now I have to work for it!
7 random things about myself -
1 hate heights
2 belong to the WI
3 was the only person known to have failed needlework at school
4 have a cat called Bibble (she had that name when she came to us)
5 am a mega messy crafter
6 can't speak German, but can follow German knitting patterns
7 adore dark chocolate, especially if it comes with a coffee centre

and I have to pass the award on to 7 recently discovered bloggers - bit difficult there as I usually bloghop round the same few, and if I follow the links I forget who the interesting ones were and how I got there!
Anyhow my 7 victims, who are in no particular order and as far as I can tell haven't already got this award, are
Jill  -ladycatfern.blogspot. com
Janet -
Gemma -
Kate -
Val -
Carrie -


  1. Hi Vron, enjoyed reading your random things. I love dark chocolate coffee chocs as well. Hugs x ChrisB

  2. oooooh Vronnie Thank You so much ! ive never won a bloggy award so i got real excited when i saw this and err kinda screamed like a daft teenager at the pc ! ive just got to work out how to put it on my blog etc...... Once again Thank You Vronnie

    Suzee xx

  3. Thank you for including me in your seven blogs. I'll have to put my thinking cap on now. I just follow a few blogs regularly and iReader tells me when they have a new post, but I find I spend too much time blog hopping around the others, and like you, I can't then find the best ones again.

  4. Ooo thanks hun! I will have to discover some new blogs and come up with seven facts that are suitable for the public domain!

  5. Aww thanks vron!! Now I have to struggle with the 7 random things and the 7 recently discovered bloggers LOL!!!!



  6. Thanks for the award, Vron, I've added mine to my blog now. Was fun to read some random facts about you :)


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