Monday, 21 July 2008

glimmer mist tags

since seeing Glenda's glimmer mists show and getting my eager mitts on said mists, have been going tag crazy, as my other half puts it; the one local shop selling tags is very happy to see me!

Having borrowed the digi camera to get a better shot of the challenge card, thought I may as well do some of my tags.

top row are cards made using some of the tags - the poppies in the left hand set are decoupaged.
All the stamps are Elusive Images

Theright-hand set are all butterfly overstamped after misting and using stamps from the Elusive Images wild meadow plate as background. left hand ones are a lot more muted in colour and use the flora and fauna plate.

sorry it's taking up so much room - haven't got the hang of the layout yet

better pic - christmas challenge

didn't think much of the scan image, so borrowed a digi camera, and got a better pic - getting the pic onto the computer nearly drove me nuts, but did it in the end! if I play for long enough, will prob get the hang of editing it propoerly, but don't count on it.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

this is the scan of the card I made for Glenda's challenge - it was a lot easier making the card than trying to set this up!

I stamped and embossed the two small trees from the arboretum plate, then sprayed glimmer mists in midnight, moonlight,meadow green and juneberry. This was mounted over a strip from the starry night section of the season's greetings cd, with the christmas tree from last year's christmas plate (christmas fusions?) cut out (I must have been mad) and added on top at one side. the tree was glittered, altho' that may not show up too well