Monday, 21 July 2008

glimmer mist tags

since seeing Glenda's glimmer mists show and getting my eager mitts on said mists, have been going tag crazy, as my other half puts it; the one local shop selling tags is very happy to see me!

Having borrowed the digi camera to get a better shot of the challenge card, thought I may as well do some of my tags.

top row are cards made using some of the tags - the poppies in the left hand set are decoupaged.
All the stamps are Elusive Images

Theright-hand set are all butterfly overstamped after misting and using stamps from the Elusive Images wild meadow plate as background. left hand ones are a lot more muted in colour and use the flora and fauna plate.

sorry it's taking up so much room - haven't got the hang of the layout yet


  1. Fabulous tags, I was trying to decide on a favorite, but they are all gorgeous.

  2. Hi there Veronica! Your tags are fab, you're getting some great results with the stamps/backgrounds. Aren't they just the most addictive little crafting components? I love tags too!

  3. Great tags! I've been going down that road too. Spooky that I made a poppy tag very very similar to yours. I even mounted my poppies at the same angle and in the same position as yours. But mine has a text background and isn't embossed. I bought some black Pearlidoodles because I thought the centres needed something extra. Wrong decision! I'm very impressed with the way you have managed to cut round the leaves so cleanly. I left a border. Yours looks so much nicer. I have taken note for next time!

  4. These tags are gorgeous. I love them all. Keep up the lovely posts. I want to see more.


  5. thanks for the kind words everyone - have got quite addicted to tags! Am thinking of adding mini stampbord squares onto the next batch - when I've finished spraying glimmer mists on some cheap fabric flowers bought in a sale that I've decided i really don't like...........

  6. Love these tags! As you say, the wild meadow and flora & fauna stamps are superb. And what a good idea about the flowers, I did exactly the same and they have been pinned to my corkboard doing nothing ever since! Keep on doing what you're doing!


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