Friday, 28 January 2011

living dangerously - pay it forward!

Am feeling quite proud that I have managed to pick this image up from Lesley's blog and put it here without any problems - my son would be stunned!  Having made the first 5 there, now I have to pass it on - the first 5 people to comment on this post will all receive something handmade by yours truly - no idea what yet - and will all have to offer the same on their blogs.
Just hope that enough people see this to make it work...............
I am feeling very chuffed today - I won a Tim Holtz hoodie from Jennie and it arrrived today . It is a lovely muted browny-grey colour, and it fits me - I have to admit to being on the large size, so this is something of a miracle - and is lovely and warm, which is even better as the weather here may be bright today but it is VERY cold!  A very big thank you Jennie!


  1. Can I go on the list please Veronica? I'd love something made by you.

    Lucky you winning that hoodie. Could do with it here today as well. I got a migraine from the awful windchill yesterday, while walking the dog!

    Lesley Xx

  2. Hi Vronnie, Am I allowed to be on your list please. It means we are each sending to one another but that's fine by me. I'd love something from you. This is such fun! Kate x

  3. Oh yes please Vronnie!!! I'd love to receive something from you and you made my 5 too!!



  4. Yes please Vron,count me in.
    Gina x

  5. Hi Vronnie - please count me in - I would love to receive something from you.


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