Friday, 28 August 2009

inky at graphicus

Have just got back from a workshop with Lesley at Graphicus, finding out how to use a brayer properly, and getting extremely inky in the process! We mostly used the big'n'juicy and kaleidocolour ink pads, and loads of glossy card and even more copy paper! There were 7 of us, though we were so quiet they kept checking to see if we were still there - just shows how much concentration was needed - think it took about an hour (and a lot of coffee) before anyone managed to get a decent-looking background, then we moved on to the textures in the first set of scans. Textures were a lot more forgiving, and we were all pleased with the results using wallpaper samples - especially as we found out that adding the texture on top of a previously rubbish background did an awful lot to improve it!

After a pause for lunch - mine came from Mr Buns, the mobile sandwich van that arrives each morning on the industrial site, and I can thoroughly recommend the tuna salad - Lesley let us loose to create a reflection using Clarity stamps. This was slower going, but we all managed to get a decent reflected image using the brayer to transfer the image, then adding water via cling film,the moon and finally foliage round the edges. It was surprising how different they all looked, even between the two of us who used the same waterfall ink pad - several had almost surreal and alien effects, but they all looked great! I only had a very basic camera with me, and the photos I took were rubbish, which was a shame.

Next, Lesley showed us how she created a landscape using rubber bands round the brayer - after a morning remembering not to put pressure on the brayer, we all found it awkward to press hard enough to get a decent image this time, so we got through quite a bit more card before we all had something we were ok with. After a lot of work with sponges and Elusive Images tree stamps, we ended with a sort-of park scene. It was surprising how many effects you can get out of one inkpad, even if it was a five colour one to begin with. As a finale, we all created a stampbord pendant, using UTE , metallic ink pads and a fairly large Clarity stamp. Mine used a bronze UTE, sprinkled with silver and red dragon powder on the final layer, before stamping with gold metallic encore ink.
Those who used black UTE as a base ended up with very dramatic results
When Glenda and Lynn came to see the results, they couldn't believe how inky I got - I couldn't either, especially when I realised just how far up my arm the ink went! I did eventually work how how I had done that, though I still can't quite believe how inky my hands got - and yes, it did all come off eventually!

All in all, I had a lovely time at Graphicus - even if I did have a slight shock when my bill was added up after a browse round the shop, and I didn't even make a dent in the wish list! Most of it was essentials, like the brayer, ink pads, glossy postcards but I did treat myself to the Christmas tree stamps after ruthlessly ignoring the lovely Christmas bears.
(ignore the date stamp on the horror photo - I dropped the camera and it chose its own date)


  1. This sounds like lots of fun, your description of your day made me smile. I love your stampbord piece, the colours are great!

  2. I've been waiting to hear how you got on. It sounds like you had a great time which is a good job, seeing as it was a long awaited birthday pressie.

    You did make some lovely things and I'm particularly impressed with the reflection piece. I so wish I could have been there, both to enjoy the workshop and to meet you at last, but maybe another time we'll pick the same classes.

    I know exactly what you mean about your bill at the end of the day. Mine's always MUCH, MUCH bigger than I intend. Aren't those Christmas stamps fab? I bought them all 'cept the pudding one, and the gorgeous bears at the Launch Evening but I'm planning on getting the bears when I go to a workshop on the 11th Sept.

    Love the effects you achieved on your hands and arms, Lol!!!

    Lesley Xx

  3. Thanks so much for the pendant, it's beautiful! A real surprise when I got into work last week. Hope you enjoyed the print. Love the picture of you getting all inky!


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