Thursday, 27 April 2017

Chocolate Baroque challenge 35

I thought the colours for this month's challenge were exotic enough to give me an excuse to use the lovely Katya  again.
I used my ancient Adirondack multi-colour ink pad (well, it was multi-colour years ago, now an interesting single colour) to stamp the large palace stamp behind Katya after masking her out with masking fluid. It needs to be masking fluid, as I find that brusho powders tend to leak behind a normal self-adhesive masking paper, which does nothing for an image where you need a clean face.....
I used brusho powders and a mist spray for the background, tilting the paper to let the colours run - mostly used sandstone and turquoise powders this time. As the Adirondack ink was waterbased, it merged nicely to give a misty effect in the background.
Once everything was dry, I rubbed off the masking fluid and added some colour with marker pens.


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