Sunday, 22 May 2016

Spinney tree

 Sample cards for the recent brusho show on the Craft Channel with the lovely Lesley Wharton - a rather surreal experience seeing your cards on tv!
Both made using the spinney design-a -tree stamp, with the quote from words of inspiration.
I used a sheet of A4 watercolour card, stamped the tree in black versafine ink and clear embossed it before sprinkling the brusho onto dry card - same for both cards, with the words stamped onto a cut-off piece.

The first one used leaf green and turquoise powders, with a tiny bit of orange. Most of the green was sprinkled over the tree to create the foliage, and the hope was that that I would get a landscape effect as the colour spread after spritzing with water. If you have enough imagination, there are sort of hills there!

For this one, I was trying to create autumn colours by adding red to the tree.
I cheated a bit by spreading the green round the tree with a clean paintbrush, and added a tiny bit more green powder at the base of the tree using the very tip of the paintbrush dipped into the powder.

The dried card was cut down to fit onto a 6"x6" square black card blank for both cards.


  1. Two lovely cards, love the Brusho backgrounds
    Jackie x


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