Thursday, 5 May 2016

decadent brocade

 Sorting out my craft stash is a slow work in progress, not helped by stopping to try out the finds that I had forgotten I had!
I have been sorting out my Chocolate Baroque stamps, and trying to rehome all the orphan ones back to their sets - in the process, I have been sorting them onto the tabbed stamp file sheets and then into plastic folders - they now take up less room than in the plastic file boxes they were in before, and hopefully I will be more likely to replace stamps on the sheets than into a box!
One of the sets I 'found' was the decadent brocade, which has been around for some years now, and I just had to stop and play.
I used this panel from the set, and experimented with some marker pens I also unearthed, but that was after the brushos! The brushos were already out. so I stamped the panel onto watercolour card with versamark and embossed with white before shaking purple, turquoise and cobalt brushos over the paper. Once it was dry, I trimmed it to 3.25" x 5.5" and mounted it onto a 6"x6" white card blank.
                                                  While waiting for the brushos to dry, I tried colouring straight onto the stamp with various  marker pens, and then huffing on the stamp to reactivate the ink.
The first sample used very old whispers pens and two new distress pens, and they both bubbled on the rubber - the blue distress pen was more successful than the green whispers, ok if you like the very distressed look!

Second try used stampin up markers, which were a lot better, although thegreens still bubbled a bit, and I didn't get very even coverage on the flowers, more likely my fault than the pens!

I cheated a bit with the third try, as I didn't bother cleaning the stamp first - to be honest, I didn't expect anything remotely useful this time!
 I had a collection of mini ink pads, mostly stampin up, and all elderly, and I tried inking using two of these.The purple still shows through on the flowers, where I was trying to avoid adding blue to the leaves.
Good news is the ink pads still work, and I have 4 notecards that will come in handy some time (also a few more stamp sets sorted)

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  1. All look good in their various ways..x Slow old job, sorting out craft stash, too many distractions!!


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