Sunday, 10 May 2015

more birds....

 had a couple of spare stamped Hobby Art birds from last Saturday - so had a quick play with the brushos.
Top one the birds were coloured with spectrum Noir pencils, which resisted the brushos nicely, just a blue and a yellow shaken on to the card and spritzed. Card blank was 5"x7"
Second one had the same colours, but a heck of a lot of water, and I tried adding dollops of bleach straight onto the wet card. card blank here was 6"sq
Bleach isn't really controllable this way, but I have found out that a lot of the blue brushos don't bleach out very well - this way, they bleached out beautifully, I rather liked the effect of this, even though the bleach and brushos caused some blistering of the card surface, to be honest probably due to too much water....
Am promised a chance to play with these again this afternoon, so there will be more............


  1. These are both great Vronnie, I love the background on the first one but
    I also like the bleach effect on the second. I never thought of doing that. I also really like this bird stamp, I was looking at it yesterday. I guess that's another to add to the list.
    Jean x

  2. Loving the brusho backgrounds, I will have to have a go with the bleach!


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