Sunday, 25 May 2014

Clarity East workshop

 Had a lovely day today at the Clarity East workshop with Janet Pring - we used the same woodland stencil set,  moon masks and  woodland animals stamp set all day.
The first card used the outer stencil - after taping the stencil down we created a landscape using the now traditional torn copy paper before stamping the deer. I used Stampin Up inkpads in night of navy and pear pizazz as my adirondack pads are sadly drying up, but borrowed Janet's espresso adirondack for the deer.
Our second card used both parts of the stencil, and practically every brown inkpad I could lay my hands on, and that was quite a few! We began with the inner stencil, and sponged ink around it to make a frame - I know I started with adirondack espresso, and I think latte, watermelon and butterscotch were the main others, but not sure by now.
 After finishing the frame, we carefully taped the outer stencil over the inked bit and added the landscape and whatever animals we felt like - I couldn't resist adding the owl. However carefully the stencils were lined up, I think everyone had a halo image by the time we had finished.............
I always take plenty of spare card with me, so had time to do another version while waiting for the stamps to get to me - basically the same colours, but this time I didn't ink round the edges of the card, and I did manage a smaller halo this time.
For the third card after lunch we used a gelli plate, but with inks rather than acrylic paints - I definitely prefer this effect, I may even be persuaded to get a gelli plate yet!

We used two colours of ink brayered onto the card and either dabbed with a sponge or spritzed with water before taking a print - we all had several pieces of card for this, as it was quite easy to put the card the wrong way and get the colour bands going the wrong way as it was quite difficult to see which way the stripes went.
After creating our basic background, we added the large moon mask and sponged round it, then created our torn paper landscape. The first one used caramel and cranberry inks as a base, and butterscotch and cranberry for the stamping. The foliage round the edges was a wild grasses stamp, stamped the right way up
at the bottom and upside down at the top.
For my second version I chose different colours, I know the green was juniper but can't remember what the dark purply blue was, sorry. This time I used part of the woodland inner stencil for the tree.


  1. I guess a good time was had by all with some wonderful results here.

  2. All brilliant, as usual, Veronica.

  3. Fab cards, enjoyed having you as my neighbour for the day!

  4. Vronnie, I just love these cards. The first one in blue caught my eye in the thumbnails, but when I saw the brown one, it blew me away. I actually think the white 'halo' enhances it!. I like the gelli-plate ones too, but that second one is my favourite. What a great workshop. I used to love going to mine in UK and bringing home cards I was really pleased with. Kate x

  5. Fabulous cards Vronnie, I love the effect of the stencil, and the colours you used are great. I rather like the halo effect too.
    Jean x


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