Thursday, 25 October 2012

getting near the end........

 The end is almost in sight - of the Chocolate Baroque alphatag swap, that is. This month we have got to U and V - not easy, and somehow I don't think the rest of the alphabet is going to be any better.
I really will have to sort out my stamps, I know I spent longer looking for stamps that i know I have but couldn't find than actually doing the tags.........and I still haven't found that unicorn stamp! I may be stretching a point with U for uncial and uppercase - the uppercase bit is fine, just don't think the manuscript lettering is uncial, but by this point it was just too bad. Colour scheme for both tags is wild honey, tea dye, vintage photo and aged mahogany distress inks, and I tried using blending brushes to apply the ink instead of my usual cut'n'dry - it certainly goes on more smoothly, but is more difficult to work round the finer bits and takes a lot longer anyway - jury still out on these!

V is for vintage and visage - I masked the face with post-its while doing the background inking and stamping. Flowers from my box of readymade  ones, with punched leaves.
The final tags are my swaps from last month - Spooky from Margaret, (whose idea this swap was, and who has done a wonderful job organizing us all - many thanks) and Tree by Shirley


  1. Well done for finding something for these two letters and I'm sure a bit of artistic licence is allowed here and there!! Reckon there could be quite a few 'vintage' ones this month.

  2. Great tags for U and V and a bit of creative license is allowed I'm sure. Now why didn't I think of vintage for V? Oh well too late now mine are with Margaret so can't change them
    Looking forward to seeing what I get this month
    Jackie x

  3. Well I'm guilty of Vintage....... brilliant idea with both uppercase & uncial - I think artistic licence is allowed; I've been employing it rather. Hope your unicorn magics himself into existence - he probably will when you're looking for something else.
    Paula (PEP)

  4. Great ideas for you U tag Vronnie, they were tricky letters this month weren't they? I really like your vintage tag, lovely background stamping and pretty flowers.Jean x

  5. Hi Vronnie, it is getting really hard now isn`t it. I used my unicorn stamp for U and the same stamp as you for V but V for veil. I am going to try and finish off the last letters now in one big push because I am getting weary now Lol x Lavinia

  6. Great ideas for these two difficult letters Veronica. Had I not had to drop out I would have been going with Unicorn and probably Vintage but I am very impressed by your UNCIAL. I confess I had to look it up in the dictionery, lol! I know I wouldn't have thought of Visage either so as well as two lovely tags you also get top marks for originality in my book.

    Hope your Hubby is doing ok now.

    Lesley Xx


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