Saturday, 24 July 2010

felted flower

Having seen felted flowers on several blogs recently I was quite pleased to find that the speaker at my WI meeting this week was talking about felting. The photo shows some of the samples she brought to show us different ways of felting - the blue scarf was very tactile and delicate, not at all what I expected felt to be like!  The bags  are actually seamless, something I am all in favour of as I am useless  at sewing. We all had a chance to play at needle felting afterwards, although only 4 of us did so while the rest watched in anticapation of us stabbing ourselves with the (very sharp) felting needles.......fortunately, I chose red wool which didn't show the blood!
I rashly tried to make a flower, and actually was quite pleased with how it turned out,  although in no way does it resemble an actual flower apart from having petals and leaves! It was quite fun stabbing away at the wool, can see that it would relieve a lot of tensions if you christened the wool as something (one?) that was bugging you..............
Let's just say that thanks to Sue Percival our speaker I left clutching not only my 'flower' but a bag of assorted wool, 2 felting needles and a polystyrene block...............and two small purple petals are the start of another flower.
I think I shall have to invest in a small canvas so that I can use my creations - or alternatively next month's WI competition is for a decorated hat.....................


  1. Clever girl Veronica. It definitely looks like a flower to me!

    Lesley Xx

  2. You did really well Veronica. My daughter has just taken up the joys of knitting and felting and has been making bags and all sorts. The material is sensational and so very tactile too.
    Glad you had a good evening.

    Edna x


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