Thursday, 11 March 2010

the Valium card!

This is the card that drove us all mad last Sunday at our regular get-together at Moira's - she saw a similar one on C&C TV, worked out how to recreate it, and proceeded to drive us all crazy! We all innocently turned up with the requested 4 sheets of A4 card - asembling the basic card wasn't too bad - the square back is 6x6, with  2 pieces of A4 cut down along the length to measure 6" deep, then scored at 4.5" and at 7.5"  to form the gatefold bits...........the rest was eventually stuck behind the original square to make the base card. The stamps used are all from the Elusive Images wild meadow plate, stamped in smoky grey and black versafine on silver card - the back piece was slightly smaller than the base square, then the 3 strips in front were cut from across the narrow side of A4 (if that makes sense) and trimmed along the stamped edges. OK so far, then the 'fun' started...............the 3 stamped strips had to be fitted into slits cut in the 3" wide fold behind the front gatefold.....and the slits had to match on both sides ................and the printed owl (from the Jayne Netley Mayhew cd) on its strip of acetate had to go through yet another slit..................oh, and all the strips had to have a stopper bit at each end to stop it sliding completely out, which didn't help getting them through the slits in the first place ........and any sharp edges on the strips stuck anyway..................
We had to admit that the result was great - but I'm convinced there must be an easier way to get the same effect - I just haven't worked it out yet!
Sorry for the photos, will try to get a better one later


  1. I think I know where your friend got the idea from Veronica. It's a B-craft-e template that was on. I half watched the same show. So you need the template, Lol!

    I have to say your friend's take on it is much nicer than the ones Kim had on. This is gorgeous. Well done to all of you.

    Lesley Xx

  2. This is lovely! I adore that Jayne Nettley mayhew CD, gorgeous images on it.

  3. Your cards were well worth the effort! So unusual and the images are beautiful.

    Janet xx

  4. www.themessycraftroom14 April 2010 at 22:15

    Beautiful cards. I watched the show and your cards are miles better. I love them


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