Wednesday, 19 November 2014

WI card

 This is the card we made at WI this afternoon, after the excitement (not) of the annual meeting.
It had to be something simple, so I borrowed Moira's Hobby Art penguin stamps - nice big penguins, and very easy to colour in - admittedly not quite so easy to cut out, but no-one moaned about it!
I had two versions, one with the penguins on a thread to twizzle round, and one using acetate - everyone managed to do the thread version. We did use smaller A6 cards, as I could get those in trifold, so easier to die cut matching holes, and they didn't get the snowflakes, or the brusho lining - I did print out a snowflake backing paper from the Artylicious Seasons greeting cd for them though (now on special offer)
They had a choice of white or blue base cards and round or fancy oval apertures, and I stamped out the penguins in advance, as we only had about 30 minutes to do the cards in. It was very peaceful when they were busy colouring in!

This was the acetate sample card, still had the reverse of the penguin inside, just quicker to do


  1. Fabulous card Veronica, nice and simple too, can I borrow this design for a few of my Christmas cards? I'm running out of ideas!

  2. Well done for designing a card that could be made in 30 minutes! And both designs are very cute. Kate x

  3. A lovely card and a great one for the WI to make especially when you didn't have a lot of time.

    Jackie x


  4. Lovely car

    A great card Veronica. sorry not been around. Haven't posted until yesterday since September. Love and hugs x ChrisB


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