Saturday, 4 August 2012

alphatags O and P

 why does Blogger suddenly decide that all text has to be in blue and underlined?  It has taken me ages to get it back to normal, and I thought I was having trouble getting photos from Photobucket!!!!These are belated O and P tags for the Chocolate Baroque alphatag swap - I ended up doing them in such a rush that I dumped them in the post without taking any photos . Fortunately Margaret our swap organiser takes photos of all of them to add to the Ning site -only snag was she uses Photobucket, upside is that I could grab the pics from there to add here (eventually)I cheated with the owl tag - the background was a spare tag I didn't use for  N, with the owl added. Owl was stamped and embossed with detail silver EP and coloured with DIs in various blues, cut out and stuck on with glue gel.The poppy was the one I started out doing  - the poppy was stamped in versafine and coloured with pencils. then coloured over with a versamark pen and clear embossed. Post-it notes were stuck round to make a rough square shape which was sponged with DI to create a background - I used 2 greens and 2 blues, but can't remember which ones now. I just moved the postits about to make the patchwork effect, and stamped a couple of small stamps randomly into the other squares, if that makes sense. The stitches were roughly scribbled in with a fine line pen.

Have now managed to add the  previous  swap tags I received  - N for nature from Sheila and M for masquerade from Margaret - sorry, ladies, the pic doesn't do the glittery dimensional masks justice or the muted colours of the nature tag either.


  1. I love these Vronnie. Partly why I stopped doing most of the scheduled swaps was because I couldn't cope with all the deadlines. Time flies past fast enough, without me worrying about which end of the month we are! Both your tags are lovely. I really like the patchwork background, and Mr owl is gorgeous.
    Kate xx

  2. Absolutely love your blue poppy with the patchwork background - the penned stiching is super & I love the way you stamped images onto the various patches. Mr Owl looks very splendid in his Night envronment.
    I know what you mean about the blue underlining - haven't worked out quite why yet but seems to be something connected with the photo upload (but do I really know? NO!)
    Paula (PEP)

  3. Great minds think alike - I used that owl too and I just love the patchwork effect on the beautiful blue poppies. Looking forward to see which two I receive this month.


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