Saturday, 5 May 2012

got there eventually!

 I had been meaning to do scrapbook pages for quite some time now - without getting around to actually doing it! Spurred on by the fact that many photos were on OH's computer, lost when the drive failed (and the back-up system also went down-grrr)  I was helped by the Stampin Up day organized by Sharon and Lisa last weekend, which was to feature scrapbooking - so I turned up clutching an assortment of cat photos.
The colours chosen fitted incredibly well with my photos, and I ended up with these two pages - I do need to redo one of the photos, as I cropped it too small - only 2 more cats to go until I get up-to-date on the cat front!

All in all, a very satisfying way to spend a very wet day - and here is a photo of our supervisor, one of the handsome pair owning Sharon.


  1. Love your use of the paper with Yo Yo & the way those two little notches in the top photo pick out the "os" in Yo Yo. Looks like you had fun & hopefully the Supervisor didn't interfere too much.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. Great pages Vronnie. I so want to get back into scrapbooking. I love Yo-yo. There has always been at least one cat in my home but I have never managed to have a ginger. I'm on the look out for a long hair ginger one, as that is my real passion, but they don't turn up very often.
    I like the layouts and choice of papers. Kate x

  3. Well done for getting into scrapbooking - something I've not done at all but should. The cats are all gorgeous. We actually had a little sunshine this morning but still very cold outside and now it is grey again. Good excuse for a crafting weekend I'd say.

  4. Well done you for making a start. Your pages are fantastic, what lovely cats. I keep meaning to do scrapbooking, bought a huge kit from Qvc years ago and still haven`t done it ! x Lavinia

  5. Lovely pages Vronnie, and beautiful cats. You seem to be getting eveyone inspired to scrap book. I have done some in the past and have loads of papers and would really like to use some of them. Like you say the hardest part is getting started.Jean x


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