Tuesday, 24 August 2010


The 'big black one' as Nimbus was known by the neighbours was unfortunately hit by a van at the beginning of the month, and sadly did not survive the meeting. As there was a cat-shaped hole around, OH and I took a trip to back to Venture Farm - we didn't find a cat there that wanted us badly, so went home to think about the possibles. Then we had a call to say that a cat had been returned, please go look - cut a long story short, we now have Bibble, a pretty little tabby aged about 7. She is the original scaredy-cat at the moment, having had somewhat of an upsetting time over the last few months - in fact, the day we brought her home, she hid for 8 hours! She is improving, will now sleep in the dogbed (Nimbus didn't fit a cat one!), comes for strokes, but is still very nervous although she has plucked up enough courage to go outside.

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  1. I'm sorry to learn that Nimbus had such a horrible accident. Bibbie looks lovely and I hoping she is filling some of that cat-shaped hole in your life.


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