Saturday, 27 September 2008

chuffed to bits

thanks to Lesley (http:/ for the award - I was really chuffed and not a little stunned to find that someone thought I was inspirational! thanks a million Lesley , you really made my day! After reading the rules, I wasa little stumped cos I didn't know how to do the techy bits, but I think I've got around them - I hope. My nominated blogs , after much hard checking (real hard labour!) have ended up as a rerun of Lesley's- there was no way I could leave Glenda and Lynn out, tho they must have enough awards to fill a blog.......
Deby- http:/
Glenda - http:/
Jenny - http:/
Jo - http:/
Lesley - http:/
Lynn- http:/
Phree - http:/
Ros - http:/;

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